My mission is help turn your travel dreams into reality.
What is holding you back from having better experiences?

Local, immersive experiences for the discerning professional. Hand picked by a seasoned traveller.

In this busy world we live in, it is hard to find time for the important things.  Time and time again, studies have shown that experiences, rather than material things, make us happier in the long run.  Who doesn’t remember that time that they hiked Mt Kilimanjaro? In comparison, can you remember the brand of your last 40 inch TV?

For the busy people in this world who want to do more with their spare time, I can create a personalised, immersive holiday – be it a weekend away, a week, or 3 months, with some key must do’s along the way! Throughout my life I have researched, explored, talked to people (particularly locals) to find ways of having truly immersive experiences that don’t break the bank!

I have also organised mystery weekends away for friends (see my blog post on Dusseldorf and Cologne here).  I am happy to organise a mystery weekend for the boys, a pampered girls trip, a sporting event or a whiskey tasting and fly fishing weekend away – just provide some basic information and I will organise the rest!

What can I do? – Find you local, immersive experiences at a reasonable price!


What I can do for you – Read this first!
  1. If you have time, please have a look at my blog posts and trip ideas – to get an idea of the possibilities I can help to book for you. 
  2. Next, fill out the personalised form here.  This will give me some idea of what type of trip you are interested in, and for how long.  Do you want to party or go diving for WW2 wrecks? How much money do you want to spend?  
  3. When I get your email, if you are in London we can meet up for a coffee, or I can call you or we can communicate through email – whatever you prefer.
  4. Once I have a bit more information about what makes YOU tick, I will go put my thinking cap on and come up with a high level Trip Summary and quote. Depending on the total amount, I will add a small percentage fee for organising or a flat charge.  
  5. If you are happy to proceed, you can either pay me directly, or I can provide you with all the links so you can book it yourself (a cheaper option).  You can pay me through Paypal so we are both protected.
  6. Patiently (or not) wait for your trip date to come…
  7. Go have FUN!